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Application range of metal stamping parts
Nov 01, 2018

Metal Stamping Parts Application field 

1) stamping in the automotive industry. Take the drawing-depth as the main.

In our country this part mainly concentrates in the automobile factory, the tractor factory, the airplane manufacture factory and so on the big company, the independent large-scale stamping deep drawing factory also contempoly see. 

2) automobile and other industry parts stamping. Mainly is the punching shear forming.

Many of the companies in this sector are in the scale factory, there are also some independent stamping plants, at present some of the car factory or tractor factory near a lot of such small factories. 

3) Electrical device stamping plant.

This type of factory is a new industry, followed by the development of electrical appliances, the Department of plant mainly concentrated in the south. 

4) Daily necessities stamping factory.

Do some crafts, tableware, and so on, these factories in recent years also have a big development. 

5) Home appliance parts stamping plant.

These factories are in China's domestic appliances developed only after the emergence of large departments distributed in household appliances enterprises. 

6) Special stamping enterprises. such as air parts stamping and so on belong to this kind of enterprise, but these craft factory also all belong to some manufacturers.

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