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Basic classification of fixed pins
Nov 01, 2018

Fixed pins are divided into cylindrical pins and round pins 1, different processing.

Cylindrical pins can be pre-machined and tapered pins are usually fitted.

2, the cylindrical pin is often suitable for the precise positioning of the state (first processing), conical pin is often used for disassembly frequently.

3, the cylindrical pin can play an anti-shearing action, cone pin is often used for positioning. The pin is fixed in a reaming hole with a small interference, which can withstand a small load.

In order to ensure the positioning accuracy and the fastening of the joint, not often disassembly, mainly used for positioning, but also used as a joint pin and safety pin. Tapered pin with 1:50 taper, self-locking, high positioning accuracy, easy installation, multiple assembly and demolition of the positioning accuracy of the small impact.  

Mainly used for positioning, but also used as a connection pin, pin holes need to be hinged.

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