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Design principles of metal stamping parts
Nov 01, 2018

⑴ design Stamping parts must meet the product use and technical performance, and can be easily assembled and repair. 

⑵ design stamping parts must be conducive to improve the use of metal materials, reduce the variety and size of the material, as far as possible to reduce material consumption.

In the case of permitting the use of low-cost materials, as far as possible to make parts without scrap and less scrap blanking.

⑶ design Stamping parts must be simple shape, reasonable structure, in order to facilitate the simplification of the mold structure, simplify the number of processes, that is, with the least, the simplest stamping process to complete the entire part of the processing, reduce the use of other methods of processing, and facilitate the stamping operation, easy to organize the mechanization and automated production to improve labor productivity.

⑷ Design stamping parts, in order to ensure the normal use of the situation, as far as possible to make dimensional accuracy grade and surface roughness grade requirements lower, and conducive to product interchange, reduce waste, to ensure product quality and stability.

The stamping parts designed by 

⑸ should be conducive to the use of existing equipment, process equipment and processes to be processed, and to facilitate the extension of the Die service life.

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