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General principles for precision machining on non-standard CNC machining parts
Jan 30, 2019

General principles for precision machining on non-standard CNC machining parts.

1, the benchmark first

The reference surface part is processed in the first step,that is to say, as the positioning reference should be processed first in the machining process, so as to provide a fine reference for the processing of the subsequent process.

2, the division of processing stages

For those parts with high machining surface requirements, the corresponding machining process are divided to three stages: Roughing, semi-finishing, precise finishing. The main purpose is to ensure product quality in those aspects: to adopt equipment more economically; heat treatment arrangement, and easy to check out defective components during those processing.

 3, Flat plain surface machined firstly then hole drilling.

For parts such as cabinets, brackets, and connecting rods, the plane surface should be machined first. In this way, the hole can be machined based on the positions of the plain surface with more accuracy

 4, Surface finishing processing

The surface treatments, such as grinding, honing, fine grinding, rolling, etc., should be placed at the end of the process. The general principles and guideline for the preparation of precision parts generally can be divided into two steps. The first is to formulate the process route of the parts, and then determine the process size, processing equipment, cutting specifications, and working hours quota for each process.

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