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How to define the cost of machining custom turned parts
Jan 16, 2019

Custom turned parts are generally produced by CNC machining, automatic lathe equipment. But the price difference is quite obvious due to the specific drawing and processing techniques.

How to control this cost matters a lot since it can attract customer to accept the offer and also obtain certain margin for suppliers. So today let us discuss what the important factors which affect the whole cost of machining a custom turned parts.

1, the first depends on drawing and technical requirements. If the part is simple with relatively low accuracy , thus the cost will be much low.

2. Secondly also depends on the total amount of raw material required , also considering the recyclable materials after processing and the cost of recovery.In this way the material cost is reduced. If the waste has no recycling value, no calculation is required on this.

3. Evaluating the processing cost. Different processing equipment is of course results to a certain price gap. It is calculated according to working hours (turning time, rolling time, drilling time, etc.), and some are calculated according to the operation steps. (such as how much per piece for polishing step, how much for drilling hole, etc.)

4, Another factor is the order demand, for example if it is a single piece,cost will be very expensive, even if one or two samples, the material is not retail,we  must calculate the price of the whole raw materials! For example, the length of 3mm parts, if only produced one or two pieces,we need to buy the small lot size the material as MOQ, the material cost will  be calculated based on the whole . In addition, the adjustment time on such small lot production will be DOUBLED accordingly.

5. See if there is a need for a secondary outsourcing service. If the whole set of processes can be completed by the factory itself, the price will be lower. If there is an additional cost in the processing of parts that require external processing, the outsourcing process will also lead to product quality risks, and the defect rate will add several layers, so the cost will increase.

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