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How to make Process analysis of CNC machining parts
Jan 09, 2019

How to make Process analysis of CNC machining parts


Due to the complexity of CNC technology, operators need to learn in advance. In particular, the numerical analysis of CNC machining process involves a wide range of aspects. Below we will discuss how to analyze the possibility and convenience of CNC machining


First, the size or data on the part drawing should be convenient for CNC programming.

1. The marking method based on the same basis for all dimensions or all coordinate sizes are given directly is very helpful for the convenience of the CNC programming. At the same time, it also contributes to the coordination among all the sizes. This benefit is very obvious on the consistency of designing process, inspecting basis and programming setting.

Especially the mechanical engineer will take into account the application characteristics of that part during assembly process. It is inevitable that they will adopt the partial dispersed annotation method, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the process arrangement and CNC machining. Due to the high precision of CNC machining and repeated positioning accuracy, it will not damage usage characteristics due to the accumulated tolerance errors.

Therefore, the dispersion annotation method can be changed to the same reference level or directly given all coordinated sizes.

2. The conditions of the geometric elements to conform the parts should be sufficient.

In manual programming process, the base point or node coordinates need to be calculated. In automatic programming, the geometric elements that make up the contour of the part are defined. Therefore, in the analysis of the part drawing, it is necessary to analyze whether the conditions given by the geometric elements are sufficient.

For example,there is a situation that the arc and the arc are tangent on the drawing, but according to the dimensions given, when the tangency condition is to be calculated, it becomes the intersecting or separating since the conditions that make up the geometry of the part are not sufficient, so programming can't be done. This situation needs to be negotiated with the part designer.


Second, the structural processing features of the machined part should conform to the characteristics of CNC machining.


1. The inner cavity and physical shape of the part are preferably to be the same uniform in geometry and size unit. This will simplify and reduce the tool specifications and tool change times which make programming easy and production efficiency improved.

2. The size of the inner rounding groove determines the tool size. Therefore, the inner round groove radius should not be too small. So the CNC machining quality is related to the height of the part contour to be machined and the radius size of the turning arc.

3.  When CNC Milling or turning on the bottom round side, the radius size of the grooved bottom side should not be too large.

4. It is better to use a same standard. In CNC machining, if there is no standard positioning, the contour position and size of the two faces after machining will be uncoordinated due to the re-installation of the work piece.

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