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Machining steps for turning parts
Nov 01, 2018

Before the operation. 

1 before the work according to the strict use of protective equipment, good cuff, not allowed to surround scarf, wear gloves, women's defense should be rolled in the hat.

The operator must be standing on the pedal board.

2 to all parts of the bolt, travel limit, signal, safety protection (insurance) device and mechanical transmission parts, electrical parts, the lubrication points for strict inspection, to determine the reliable, before the start.

3 All kinds of machine tool lighting application safety voltage, voltage must not be greater than 36 volts.

The operation. 

1 Work, clamp, tool and workpiece must be clamped firmly.

All kinds of machine tools, after driving should be low-speed idling, all normal, before they can be formally operating. 2 tools and other things are forbidden on the machine track surface and on the workbench.

Do not use hand to remove iron filings, should use special tools to clean.

3 machine tool to observe the surrounding dynamic before the start of the machine, to stand in a safe position, in order to avoid the machine tool moving parts and iron spatter.

4 various types of machine operation, not allowed to adjust the speed-changing mechanism or stroke, not by hand touch transmission parts, movement of the workpiece, cutting tools in the working surface of the processing, not allowed to measure any size in the operation, prohibit the transmission of parts of the machine tools, such as the transfer of tools and other items.

5 found abnormal sound, should immediately stop maintenance, not forced or sick operation, machine tool is not allowed to overload use.

6 parts in the process of processing, strictly enforce the process discipline, see the drawings, see the control points, roughness and the relevant parts of the technical requirements, and determine the production process. 7 Adjust the machine speed, stroke, clamping workpiece and tool, and wipe the machine to stop.

Do not leave the job when the machine is running, must stop when leaving for some reason, and cut off the power.

After the operation.

1 The raw materials to be processed and finished products, semi-finished products and scrap must be piled up at designated locations, and all tools and knives must be kept intact and good.

2 After the operation, you must cut off the power supply, remove the tool, put the handle in neutral position, lock the switch box.

3 Cleaning Equipment Hygiene, clean iron filings, guide the lubrication oil to prevent rust. The machining procedure of turning parts is one of the process documents that stipulate the machining process and operation method of the parts, it is in the specific production conditions, the more reasonable process and operation methods, in accordance with the prescribed form of the process documents, after approval to guide production. The processing procedures of turning parts generally include the following: The process line of workpiece processing, the specific contents of each process and the equipment and process equipment used, the inspection items and inspection methods of the workpiece, the cutting amount, the time ration and so on.

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