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Process parameters of plastic parts
Nov 01, 2018

The main process parameters of injection molded parts include: 

1. Barrel temperature: Melt temperature is very important, the use of the injection cylinder temperature is only guidance. The melt temperature can be measured at the nozzle or by air injection. The temperature setting of the injection cylinder depends on the melt temperature, screw speed, back pressure, the amount of injection material and the cycle of the molded part. If you do not have experience in processing a particular level of plastics, please start with the lowest setting. For ease of control, the injection cylinder is divided into areas, but not all are set to the same temperature. If the operating time is long or operating at high temperatures, set the temperature of the first zone to a lower value, which will prevent premature melting and diversion of the plastic.

Make sure that the hydraulic oil, hopper sealer, mold, and injection cylinders are at the correct temperature before starting the molded part. 

2. Melt temperature: Melt temperature on the melt flow can play a major role, because the plastic does not have a specific melting point, the so-called melting point is a melting state of the temperature section, plastic molecular chain structure and composition of different, so the impact on its mobility is also different, rigid molecular chain affected by temperature is more obvious, such as PC, PPS, etc.

and flexible molecular chain such as: PA, PP, PE and other fluidity by changing the temperature is not obvious, so should be based on different materials to adjust the reasonable temperature of the injection molded parts. 

3. Mold temperature: Some plastic material due to high crystallization temperature, slow crystallization speed, the need for higher mold temperature, some due to control size and deformation, or the need for demoulding, to a higher temperature or lower temperature, such as PC generally requires more than 60 degrees, and PPS in order to achieve a better appearance and improve mobility,

Mold temperature Sometimes needs more than 160 degrees, so the mold temperature to improve the appearance of the product, deformation, size, rubber mold has a non-deductible role. 

4. Injection pressure: Melt to overcome the resistance required to advance, directly affect the product size, weight and deformation, different plastic products need injection pressure different, for like PA, pp and other materials, increase the pressure will make its fluidity significantly improved, injection pressure size determines the density of the product, that is, the appearance of gloss.

It does not have a fixed value, and the harder the mold fills, the greater the pressure on the molded part.

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