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The role of the fixed pin in the mold
Nov 01, 2018

The role of the mold positioning pin is mainly used in two parts between the screw fastening, through the positioning pin to ensure the accuracy of the position.

Processing, the group will be used to

1, its role is the mold internal closed-mode state of a embodiment, the mold is not already hit in place, can be measured by the data between the upper and lower limit columns.

2, fixed pin limit column can also play the role of protection punch, in the upper and lower die when the limit column length is greater than the punch, can prevent the fracture of the punch.

3, the mold can be placed on the side, easy to disassemble parts, the role of the limit column protection of the mold, such as the mold on the stripping plate or concave template has a pressure into the son and line into the sub, to prevent in the absence of material when the empty surface damage mold.

4, in the continuous mode, his greater role is to protect the mold, to prevent the template in high-speed long-time overload impact of the latent change; if the mold is highly sophisticated (there are many high-demand bends), it is more necessary to install the limit column, because it enables the die at each stamping when the bottom dead point is consistent.

5, because of the effective restriction of the mold stroke, protect the punch, concave mold, so that the mold is stable, thus will greatly improve the quality of the finished workpiece stability. 6, travel limit, will effectively prevent the material pressure thin, especially aluminum and copper products.

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