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Machining Route Of CNC Machining
Nov 01, 2018

CNC Lathe Feed processing line refers to the tool from the point of the knife (or machine fixed origin) began to move, until the return to the point and end the path of the process, including the path of the cutting process and cutter cutting, cutting out and other non-cutting empty travel path.

The finishing feed route is basically along its part contour sequence, so determining the feed route is focused on determining the feed route for roughing and empty trips.

In CNC lathe machining, the following principles are generally followed in the determination of the processing route.

The ① should be able to guarantee the accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece being machined.

② make the shortest processing route, reduce the empty travel time and improve the processing efficiency.

③ as much as possible to simplify the numerical calculation of the workload, simplifying the processing program.

④ for some reused programs, you should use subroutines. The shortest feeding route of the processing program can not only save the execution time of the whole process, but also reduce unnecessary tool consumption and wear of sliding parts of machine tool feed mechanism.

The shortest feed route type and implementation method are as follows. 

⑴ the shortest cutting feed route. The shortest cutting feed route can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce tool loss.

When arranging the shortest cutting feed route, it is necessary to ensure the rigidity of the workpiece and the process of processing.

⑵ the shortest empty travel route. 

① skillfully use the knife point. A general example of a coarse car using a rectangular loop.

The setting of the knife point A is to take into account the precision car and other processing process need to easily change the knife, it is set in the distance from the blank part of the position, at the same time, the knife point and the knife point coincident together 

② skillfully set the tool changer point.

In order to consider the convenience and safety of tool change, sometimes the tool change point is also set in the distance from the blank parts

Position, then, when the second knife, the fine car when the empty travel route is bound to be longer, if the second knife of the tool changer is also set in the point position, you can shorten the empty travel distance. 

③ reasonable arrangement "return 0" route. In the manual preparation of complex contour processing procedures, in order to simplify the calculation process, easy to check, the program is sometimes processed after each knife end of the tool, by executing the "back 0" operation instructions, so that all return to the position of the knife point, and then follow-up procedures. This increases the distance to the route and reduces productivity. Therefore, when the "return to 0" route is reasonably arranged, the distance between the end of the previous knife and the starting point of the latter knife should be kept as short as possible. or zero to meet the minimum feed route requirements.

In addition, when choosing to return to the knife point instruction, without interference, as far as possible with the X, z-axis bidirectional "back to 0" instruction, the function "back to 0" route is the shortest. 

⑶ the ladder cutting feed route of the Dayu quantity blank.

The cutting-in of two surplus blanks is listed to the route. Is the wrong ladder cutting route, cut in 1 bucket 5 order, each cutting with equal margin, is the correct ladder cutting feed route.

Because on the same back to eat the amount of knife. Continuous cutting feed route for 

⑷ part contour finishing. The finishing process of the part contour can be arranged with one or several knife finishing operations. The finished contour should be continuous processing from the last knife, at this time, the cutting tool into the position to choose appropriate, try not to arrange in a continuous contour cut and cut out or change the knife and pause, so as to avoid sudden change in cutting force and damage the balance of the process system.

resulting in scratches, abrupt shapes, or stranded marks on the contour of the part. 

⑸ Special feeding route. In the NC turning process, the general situation. The longitudinal feed of the tool is given in the negative direction of the coordinates, but sometimes it is unreasonable to arrange the feeding route according to its normal negative direction.

may even damage the workpiece.

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