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Main Features Of CNC Machining
Nov 01, 2018

CNC machine tool at the beginning of the selection of aircraft parts with complex surface as a processing object, to solve the common processing method is difficult to solve the key. The biggest feature of CNC machining is the automatic processing of the machine tool with perforated tape (or tape). As the aircraft, rocket and engine parts have different characteristics: aircraft and rockets 0, the size of large components, complex shape, engine 0, the component size is small, high precision. Therefore, the aircraft, the rocket manufacturing sector and the engine manufacturing sector of the selection of CNC machine tools are different.

In the aircraft and rocket manufacturing, the use of continuous control of large-scale CNC milling machine, and in the engine manufacturing is not only the use of continuous control of CNC machine tools, but also the use of Point-control CNC machine tools (such as CNC drilling, CNC boring machine, machining centers, etc.).

1. Process concentration: CNC machine tool generally with can automatically change the tool holder, tool Library, tool change process by the program automatically, therefore, the process is relatively concentrated.

The process concentration brings great economic benefits:

⑴ reduce the floor space of machine tool, save plant.

⑵ reduces or does not have intermediate links (such as intermediate inspection of semi-finished products, temporary storage and so on), save time and save manpower.

Automation CNC machining, no manual control tools, high degree of automation.

The benefits are obvious.

⑴ requirements for operating workers are reduced: A high-level work of ordinary machine tools, not a short period of time can be cultivated, and a non-programmable NC machining time is very short (such as NC lathe can be a week, but also to write a simple processing program). Moreover, the NC machine tools on the CNC machining parts than ordinary workers in the traditional machine tools to process the precision of the parts to be high, time to save.

⑵ reduces the labor intensity of workers: NC workers in the processing process, most of the time is excluded from the processing process, very labor-saving.

⑶ product quality and Stability: CNC machine tool processing automation, free from ordinary machine workers fatigue, carelessness, estimation and other human error, improve product consistency.

⑷ processing efficiency is High: CNC machine tool automatic tool changer to make the process compact, improve labor productivity.

2. High flexibility: Conventional machine tools, although flexible, but inefficient, while the traditional plane, although the efficiency is very high, but the adaptability of the parts is very poor, rigid, flexible, difficult to adapt to market economy under the fierce competition brought about by the frequent modification of products.

As long as the change program, you can be in the CNC machine tools to process new parts, and can be automated operation, flexibility, high efficiency, so the CNC machine tool can adapt to market competition.

3 Strong Ability: The machine can precisely process a variety of contours, while some profiles cannot be machined on ordinary machine tools.

CNC machine tools are particularly suitable for the following occasions:

⑴ parts that are not allowed to be scrapped.

⑵ New product development.

⑶ urgently needed pieces of processing.

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