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Operating Procedures For CNC Machining
Nov 01, 2018

In order to correctly and rationally use CNC machine tools, reduce the incidence of its failure, operating methods.

The machine tool can be operated with the consent of the machine management staff.

⑴ Pre-boot considerations 1) operators must be familiar with the CNC machine performance, operating methods.

The machine tool can be operated with the consent of the machine management staff.

2) before the machine power, check whether the voltage, pressure, oil pressure is in line with the work requirements.

3) Check whether the movable part of the machine is in a normal working condition.

4) Check whether the table is offside, super limit state.

5) Check whether the electrical components are solid, and whether the wiring is off.

6) Check whether the machine grounding line and the workshop ground wire reliable connection (first boot is particularly important).

7) Complete the pre-boot work before closing the mains switch.

⑵ Boot Process considerations

1) strictly according to the machine instructions in the boot sequence to operate.

2) In general, the start-up process must first go back to the machine reference point operation, the establishment of machine tools to do the standard system.

3) After turning on the machine to air transfer more than 15min, so that the machine to achieve a balanced state.

4) After the shutdown must wait for more than 5min to be able to start again, no special circumstances may not be prone to frequent power-on or shutdown operation.

⑶ Debugging Process Considerations 1) Edit, modify and debug the program.

If the first piece must be run empty, make sure the program is correct.

2) According to the process requirements of installation, commissioning of the fixture, and clear the location of the iron filings and debris. 3) According to the positioning requirements to install the workpiece, to ensure the correct positioning and reliable.

Do not occur during the processing of the workpiece loose phenomenon.

4) The installation of the tool to be used, if the machining center, you must make the tool in the knife base of the knife position number and the program in strict accordance with the knife number. 5) According to the programming origin on the workpiece, the tool is set up and the workpiece coordinate system is established. If using more than one tool, the remaining cutters are compensated for length or tip position respectively.

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