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Selecting Tools For CNC Milling
Dec 20, 2018

In CNC machining, milling plane parts inside and outside the contour and milling plane common flat end milling cutter, the tool parameters of the experience data are as follows: first, the milling cutter Radius Rd should be less than the contour surface of the smallest curvature radius Rmin, generally take rd= (0.8 a 0.9) Rmin. The second is the machining height of the part h< (1/4-1/6) RD, to ensure that the tool has sufficient rigidity. Third, using flat end milling cutter to milling the bottom of the groove, because the trough bottom two passes need to lap, and the tool bottom edge function radius re=r-r, that is, the diameter of d=2re=2 (R-R), the programming time to take the tool radius of re=0.95 (Rr).

For some three-dimensional surface and variable bevel Contour profile processing, commonly used ball milling cutter, ring milling cutter, drum-type milling cutter, cone milling cutter and milling cutter. CNC machine tools are mostly used series, standardized tools, can be transferred to the external round lathe tool, face turning tool, such as the tool holder and the head of the national standard and series models for the machining center and automatic tool changer machine tools, tool holders have been serialized and standardized specifications, such as the Taper Shank tool system Standard code name is TSG-JT, The standard code name of the straight Shank tool system is DSG-JZ, in addition, for the selected tool, before use, the tool size must be strictly measured to obtain accurate data, and by the operator of these data into the data system, through the program call to complete the processing process, thus processing the qualified workpiece.

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