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Selecting Tools For CNC Turning
Dec 20, 2018

CNC Turning lathe tools commonly used in the general split-type lathe knives, sharp-shaped lathe knives, round-arc lathe Knife and three categories. The forming lathe Knife is also called the Model Lathe tool, and the contour shape of the machined part is determined by the shape and dimension of the cutting blade. In CNC turning machining, the common forming lathe tool has small radius arc turning tool, non-rectangular slot cutter and thread cutter. In the CNC machining, should try to use less or no molding lathe tool. The sharp-shaped turning tool is a turning tool characterized by a straight cutting edge. The nose of this kind of tool is composed of the main cutting edge of the straight line shape, such as 900 inside and outside round turning tool, left and right face turning tool, grooving (cutting off) turning tool and a variety of outer and inner-hole turning tool with small nose chamfer.

The geometric parameters (mainly geometrical angle) of the sharp tool are the same as those of ordinary turning, but should be considered comprehensively with the characteristics of CNC machining (such as processing line, processing interference, etc.), and the strength of the tip itself should be taken into account. The second is round curved turning tool. The round-arc turning tool is a turning tool characterized by a circular or curved cutting edge with a very small error in roundness or line profile. Each point of the turning tool arc Blade is the tip of the round curved turning tool, so the tool position is not on the arc, but on the center of the arc. The round-arc turning tool can be used to turn the internal and external surfaces, especially for turning various smooth connections (concave) forming surfaces. Choose the arc radius of the Lathe tool should consider the two-point turning tool cutting edge arc radius should be less than or equal to the radius of the curvature of the part concave contour, in order to avoid the processing dry shallow radius should not be chosen too small, otherwise not only manufacturing difficulties, but also because the strength of the tool is too weak or poor cooling capacity of the knife caused by

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