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Shengyang Make High Precision NON-STANDARD METAL PARTS.
Jan 24, 2019

First of all, we know that non-standard metal parts such as custom screws, standoffs, metal pins are proposed in relative to standard parts, so we need to know what is called standard parts before we understand non-standard parts. Standard parts refer to common parts, such as threaded nuts, rolling bearings DIN screws, etc., which have been fully standardized in terms of structure, size, drawing, marking, etc., and are produced by professional factories. They are usually called  standardized fasteners, joints, transmissions, seals, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings, springs and other mechanical parts. In the narrow sense, only standardized fasteners are included.

Metal non-standard parts:

The drawings are provided by the customer, and the manufacturer uses the equipment to produce the corresponding products according to the drawings. Usually, the molds are mostly needed, the tolerance requirements, and the finish are all specified by the customer, and there is no certain paradigm. The product requires complete quality control from casting to finishing. The process is complex and variability, and the machining cost is higher than standard parts.

Our Shengyang precision metal and plastic company is professional in making non-standard parts such as brass molded-in threaded  insert nut, turned screw and bolts,  CNC machining parts, standoff and spacers.

We can customize them according to drawing specification with tight tolerance control.

Below is our workflow for such service

How to place order with us for the stainless steel locating lock pins.

1) Full technical drawing with material, finish or other requirement are provided by Customer;

2) Our engineer evaluate the drawing with competitive price and give solution if any issues;

3) Customer agree to the price terms;

4) Make sample if request after down payment or go for mass production directly;

5) 70% balance payment after we provide photos of the finished goods;

6) Shipment made;

7) Follow-up the shipment and customer feedback or if other new requirement

non-standard parts

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